European Union: The Future as an Integrative Power

Fore the first time in more than five decades, the European Union is facing the prospect of its very own disintegration and erosion.The article scrutinizes the extend of the EU’S own stability, durability and integrative powers. This possibility bears heavily on the question of whether the EU is able to maintain the level of credibility and institutional buoyancy required for fulfilling the ambitious targets it set itself within the framework of its Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). download (pdf)
Johannes Varwick/Joachim Koops: Exporting stability or Importing Instability. The European Union at the Crossroads, in: Johannes Varwick/Kai Olaf Lang (ed.): European Neighbourhood Policy. Challenges for the EU-Policy Towards the New Neighbours,Barbara Budrich Publishers, Opladen/Farmington Hills 2007, pp. 141-158.

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